2012: 2011 Nininger Award, Honorable Mention

2012: UA College of Science Galileo Circle Scholar

2011: UA-LPL Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

2011: 74th Meeting of the Meteoritical Society Travel Grant

2011: UH-NAI 2011 Astrobiology Winter School Scholarship

2009-2010: CO-I, NASA Astrobiology Institute 2009 Director’s Discretionary Fund. PI: Dante Lauretta

2009: 72nd Meeting of the Meteoritical Society Travel Grant

2007-2009: Carson Graduate Fellowship of Planetary Science

2007: Kobe International School of Planetary Sciences Scholarship

2006: Angelos C. Langadas Scholarship

2003-2005: Planetary Society Scholarship

2003-2004: UA/NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Research Program

2002-2006: President’s Award for Excellence Scholarship; UA Achievement Award

2002: Achieved Rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America